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The Mission

To inspire and motivate you to do something! We want to explore what it looks like to live a meaningful life. When we engage, recognize our humanity and continue to try each day to be at least better than we were the day before, we all potentially become a special connect for ourselves and others. It is our mission to help you connect to yourself (physically, mentally, emotionally) and to others, for deeper life satisfaction. 

The Vision

Special Connects LLC is all about connecting: internally and externally. We seek to enrich people’s lives by arming clients with the tools, techniques and support to understand more about the brain, body, occupation and life. By offering coaching services, dynamic extra curricular programs, online videos, blog posts and specialty services for the community, the hope is to inspire your overall improvement in life satisfaction and making deeper connections.


Ultimately, we seek to provide a platform for individuals/families to make meaningful connections within themselves, their communities and beyond.

Mountain Peak

How we help

There are thousands of experts who offer advice on how you should live, the things that will make you happy, and what's best for you. Yet, despite the wealth of information, we find our society is becoming increasingly unhappy, dissatisfied, and unhealthy. The wealth of information that is at our fingertips should empower us, but sometimes leads us to chase unrealistic goals, lowers our self-esteem, and can feel just down-right overwhelming. This is especially true for young minds growing up in an advanced digital era.


Our superpower here at Special Connects LLC is not only understanding how difficult this can be, but also understanding that not everyone navigates life in the same way. We believe support for a meaningful life should be tailored to each individual, based on their self realized goals or idea of the life they want to lead. This support should be genuine, empowering and honest.


In reality, most of us adults may know what we want or what we should be doing, but it is difficult to find the motivation, endurance, and time to make it happen. We may fear what others think of our goals and dreams. Remember how scary those things were for you before you were an adult! When you are growing up, its crucial to have the right influences and environment to help guide you into making the best decisions as you develop. As young adults don't have the luxury of life experiences and time to help them better understand life, its important to provide them with guidance and support to help achieve their goals, through healthy habits and connection.


Our vision is to provide top-notch services to a diverse population of kids. Our specialty is especially working with neurodiverse populations, helping support all ranges of needs that lead to individual fulfillment and independence. Our goal is not only teach you about yourself and what makes you human, but also provide you with the best combination of a motivator and professional expert to help create and support the life you want to live. We strive to create positive habits and intuitive life hacks, to help create a new version of you....the one you want to see out there in the world. We create fun, challenging and engaging group after school/ extra- curricular programs for a wide variety of groups.

Special Connects support developmental Play
Just captured a precious moment with a group of energetic young boys and girls, working with special connects team
Special Connects support colaboration


Teens gathered in group, connecting with each other

From personalized coaching services to private occupational therapy sessions and engaging group programs, we're here to support your unique needs.


Additionally, our motivational speaking and educational lectures inspire positive change, growth, and deeper understanding of what makes you.. you!

Explore our offerings and embark on a transformative path to your best self." Our long term vision is to help develop satisfied and contributing members of society, who in turn, can act as a special connect for someone in need. We want to build a community of "Special Connects".

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