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Kids Running


Special Connects is committed to providing fun, dynamic and healthy groups and programs for adolescents and young adults. Our personalized approach means that we take time getting to know our clients in order to create groups that best suit their interests, struggles, and needs. Our programs are designed with a focus on enjoyment, wellness and personal growth, so our participants leave feeling empowered to take on any challenge. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your full potential!

OPWDD Groups

At Special Connects, we specialize in designing fun, creative and engaging group programs for schools and community programs, tailored to the needs of the OPWDD population. We believe that group activities are a great way for individuals to develop life skills, healthy habits and promote socialization. Our programs focus on cultivating connection, engagement and problem-solving skills. Our experienced coach has a wealth of knowledge and is committed to helping individuals reach their highest potential. If you're looking for exciting group activities that foster connection and personal growth, look no further than Special Connects.

Resilience Through Hobby Groups

At Special Connects, we are dedicated to helping kids who may have experienced trauma, to find a way to cope with it. Our focus is to create a supportive community that allows them to find people who are similar to them. We encourage our clients to channel emotions into hobbies, providing them with a healthy and positive outlet. Our passion is to provide a safe space where clients can share and talk about their stories, and gain the community support and understanding they need.


Ever want to learn how to do things like make a mosaic art piece, or gelatin art for that matter? Is becoming a bird watcher sound interesting to you? Do you love sports and want to talk fantasy football? Anime?


 Let us get to know about you and see if we can create a group for you that is fun and new. We are committed to finding hobby enthusiasts who can help you find connection while learning a new hobby or delving deeper into one you already have. 

Socialization Groups

Finding hobbies and groups that your child will enjoy is key to helping them form lasting friendships. At Special Connects, we understand that not every child fits into traditional social molds. We offer a safe, comfortable environment where kids can get to know each other and share their interests. We encourage kids of all ages to explore new hobbies and make friends along the way. If your child is struggling to find where they fit in, we are here to help. We are looking to develop monthly meet ups for young adolescents and teens (based on a minimum number of participants based on the activity)

Games Groups with a Fitness Twist

We understand that getting kids to be active can be a challenge, which is why we've created our game groups to make fitness fun. Our unique and innovative approach encourages kids to be active without even realizing it. We believe that being physically active and healthy is an essential part of life, and we want to instill that belief in kids from an early age. Our fun and engaging programs are designed to help kids of all ages and abilities stay fit, active, and healthy.

Build-Your-Own- Group

Our focus is on developing meaningful and transformative group programs and after school activities that are tailored to meet the needs of each participant/group dynamic. We are passionate about promoting holistic wellness and maximizing the potential of everyone that we work with. Our client-centered approach involves collaborating with you to determine the best fit for your group.


Contact me today to learn more about how Special Connects can create a program that's right for you. We would love to know what sparks your interest and see if we can make it happen for you. 

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