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The Comprehensive Center for Holistic Child & Young Adult Development


Do you worry about your child's future? About their well-being, their social skills, coordination to carry out life tasks or their ability to thrive in an ever-changing world? You're not alone. At Special Connects, we understand those concerns, and we're here to offer solutions that empower your child's journey toward a brighter, more fulfilling life.


Why Special Connects?


We offer a diverse range of holistic wellness services designed to address the very worries that keep parents awake at night:


- **Life Coaching: Do you worry your child needs guidance to overcome life's challenges and discover their true potential?

- **ADHD & Executive Functioning Coaching: Are you concerned about their success with managing school and beyond?

-** Dynamic Groups that support life improvement: From working on fitness, learning new hobbies, improving coordination or learning social skills, we look to create groups that fit individual kids or young adults needs. 

- **Private Occupational Therapy: Do you seek expert care to enhance their motor skills and sensory integration?

- **Motor Coordination Coach: Looking for innovative techniques to boost their coordination and development? We offer expertise in Reflex Integration and Motor Learning Theory that can help your child succeed in all aspects of life.

- **Motivational Speaking & Lectures: Does your group need inspiration for positive change and growth in their lives?

-**Resources: As we grow, so will our content of tools, life hacks and information that allows for personal growth and evolution.



Connect with Us!

Explore all the many ways we can help your child and family be better connected, to themselves and to each other! 



Welcome to our diverse wellness program offering multi-community support through a diverse range of services and resources to help you and your child's journey towards a more fulfilling and connected life. 

Justin Lyons Founder of Special Connects


 My passion in life is being a special connect for someone and helping them realize their fullest potential. My #1 Goal is to help you understand who you are and help you achieve a life that is fulfilling, independent and satisfying. I want to help you understand what makes you human, at any developmental stage of life and arm you with the power to realistically look at yourself, set your goals and intentions and provide you the tools and encouragement to balance your life


Check out my background and full story by clicking the link below.

Health Care Providers or Educators who need

continuing education? Check this out!

Are you a school professional looking for continuing education credits? Consider purchasing my lecture, “Revolutionize Your Learning Space for Student Success” and get 6.5 pdu’s! This lecture takes a fascinating look at the many different school environments and the critical connection between movement and neuroplasticity. Justin hits topics such as neuroplasticity, universal design, ergonomics, sensory processing including a look into the “other 3” senses, mindfulness,the power of language and growth mindset. Be armed with the latest research into movement and its benefits towards positive learning and wellness outcomes. Tons of useful strategies, tips, DIY projects, hand-outs, checklists, life coaching activities, etc. to help tailor your learning space (classroom, therapy room, etc.) for optimal student success. This is especially a great lecture for OT’s or PT’s making the transition into school-based therapy.”

Justin Lyons continuing education course: "Revolutionize your learning space for student success.
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